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Since its inception, Fishing Adventures Thailand has guided several thousands of anglers, amongst them the world's leading experts and fishing personalities such as Zeb Hogan, Doug Olander, Marty Arostegui, Dr. Leonard Kouba, Conway Bowman, Fred Lavitman, Steve Wozniak (USA); John Wilson, Joe Taylor, Terry Eustace, Nigel Botherway, Dave Plummer (United Kingdom); Jakub Vagner (CZ Republic); Moteki Kaoru (Japan); Arnout Terlouw (Holland); Ronnie de Groote, Luc Coppens (Belgium); Dr. Jens Bursell, Johnny Jensen (Denmark); Olivier Portrat (Germany); Albert Drachkovitch, Frank Hiribarne (France); Roberto Ferrario (Italy).

What the pros say about us

Jean-Francois Helias and his team of guides at Fishing Adventures Thailand pioneered sporting fishing in Thailand over twenty years ago. Their unrivaled level of experience sets them apart from all others when it comes to local knowledge, connections and expertise. They are the original and still the best at what they do. Whether you are a novice angler or a seasoned professional, Francois and his team will work hard to make sure you have a memorable fishing experience and put the odds in your favour to catch the trophy fish of your dreams

Steve Ryan, Outdoor writer, USA


Of the many fishing guides I have spent time with in decades fishing around the world, none is as interesting, colorful and passionate about fish and fishing as Jean-Francois Helias. The diminutive but larger-than-life French expat and his longtime colleague, Phanpraphat "Kik" Lutjirot , have a unique knowledge of Southeast Asia fishing. My days fishing with Francois in Thailand remain among the most memorable of my lifetime.

Doug Olander, Editor in Chief of Sport Fishing magazine, USA


Of all the places I've travelled and fished, Thailand was an adventure I'll never forget! From the vicious surface action when fishing for snakehead to the hard fighting Mekong giant catfish, there is no place in the world like it. Fishing Adventures Thailand took care of everything. From the moment I stepped off the plane in Bangkok to the time I flew back to the America, they were there every step of the way. The fishing, food and adventure was outstanding.

Capt. Conway Bowman, host of Fly Fishing the World TV series, USA


My recent trip to Thailand was one of the best of my 133 international fishing expeditions. While exclusively fly fishing, I landed 225 fish comprising 18 species. At least 25 fish were between 20 and 50 lbs. That's great fishing!

Dr. Leonard Kouba, Fishing Globetrotter, Chicago, USA


I highly recommend Fishing Adventures Thailand's friendly team. Everything works perfectly and professionally - from the food, to logistics, to the actual fishing!

Dr. Jens Bursell, Editor-in-Chief of Fisk og Fri fishing magazine, Denmark


Take one fishing trip with Fishing Adventures Thailand and you will be hooked. Thailand is a wonderful country, with warm, friendly people and delicious food. Jean-Francois is excellent company, his guides are first class anglers, and the fishing is absolutely brilliant.

Nigel Botherway, Fisherman's Blues Radio Presenter, UK


I have fished all over the world, and I have never seen such consistent action or such a professional team.

Steve Wozniak, Legendary Fishing Globetrotter, San Francisco, CA


We traveled to Thailand to shoot a movie for the Daiwa fishing programme, for the Japanese nationwide TV network. I wish to express my thanks to Francois and his unique team of guides for making it all happen, and to express the due respect that I have for him as a top professional angler. Francois’ Fishing Adventures Thailand team has absolutely no equal in Thailand. I have been very much impressed by their amazing enthusiasm as fellow anglers, together with their high level of professionalism as fishing guides. They will completely guide you to success, offering you not only the best angling spots, baits, rigs, and tackle, but also sophisticated tactics, smart tricks, plus guaranteed knowledge and experience.

Kaoru Moteki, Japanese carp angler specialist


I would have no hesitation in recommending Fishing Adventures Thailand for a first class guiding service.

Terry Eustace, Leslies of Luton Ltd, Birmingham, UK


Film crews are especially difficult for an outfitter to handle. The large amount of gear, the last-minute travel changes; all of these issues were handled by Fishing Adventures Thailand with professionalism and class. I will book further shows with them, and would recommend them to anyone seeking an Asian fishing experience. The food, the lodging, and especially the Thai people, have combined to make this one of my all time favourite travel memories.

Mike Baker, ESPN Producer – Get Wild with Cindy Garrison TV series - USA


I strongly believe that Jean-François will enjoy enormous success with his Fishing Adventures Thailand guide service. His inspiration has been second to none, whilste giving his adopted land a tool that was missing and, somehow, sometime, he will gain recognition for it. I am convinced that with his angling skills, his enthusiasm, his honest and intelligent dedication to all, Jean-François will make his venture a fantastic success.

Albert Drachkovitch, France's most famous freshwater angler & Fishing writer


As an international angler, I had already been fishing with many professional guiding companies. I thought I was satisfied with my experiences until I went fishing with Jean-Francois Helias' Fishing Adventures Thailand. Not only is Jean-Francois an extremely nice guy to be with, he also has the knowledge and the drive to do his very best to make your stay an absolute success.

Luc Coppens, Europe's legendary predator angler &Fishing writer, Belgium


I have travelled almost in all best fishing places in the world, but fishing with Jean-Francois and his team was a simply amazing and unforgettable experience.

Roberto Ferrario - Fishing Globetrotter & Sportfishing Writer, Italy


The arrangements during my trip were absolutely perfect. The hotel accommodation and the round-trip transportation to the fishing spots were really good. The guiding service was truly excellent. There was no extra cost added so everything went as promised. We all know that there are many guiding services with some unexpected extra costs... 

Thank you for everything! I will be coming back, probably many, many times.

Pekka Salo, Urheilukalastus fishing magazine Sub Editor, Finland


The Fishing Adventures Thailand pro guides are first-class. Everything was laid on to make it a memorable experience. I've been fortunate to have fished all over the world for many species but this is one trip I'll never forget and we're already planning to return later this year.

Roger Mortimore, Deputy Editor, Total Sea Fishing magazine, UK


Being the owner of an Angling Wholesale company I get the opportunity to fish all around the world. I must say it was an eye-opener experience to find out that firstly there was fishing available so close to bustling Bangkok, and secondly, the variety and incredible size of these fish made our day one of the best fun days of angling I have ever experienced!
I would like to personally congratulate you for the way your operation is handled, right from the prompt collection of myself and clients from our hotel, right through to the pleasant manner of yourself and guides as well as the willingness to make our day thoroughly enjoyable.

Garry Barmby, Managing Director, Angling Adventures, Australia


Whether you like adventure fishing for wild species or you like hauling big fish, (or indeed both), you only need to contact Fishing Adventures Thailand to arrange trips to remote and wild places in Thailand. Make no mistake; you will catch good fish! Jean-Francois is himself a totally devoted angler, which is immediately apparent - and that, added to his ever-present smile and expertise, is the best recipe for a perfect fishing holiday. Besides Jean-Francois, you have his hugely experienced team of guides, who know the waters, methods, and baits that you need to succeed.

Johnny Jensen, Sportfishing journalist, Denmark


The food and company were excellent, and as an added bonus the four of us caught 29 different species in 9 days, our very professional and knowledgeable local guides even bumped the species count to 33. A piscatorial paradise for a group of biologists, wildlife photographers and angling nerds! Try it for yourself, I am sure you won't regret it.

Thorke Østergaard, Biologist & Writer for Fisk og Fri fishing magazine, Denmark


I just returned from the Professional Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in Hot Springs, Arkansas. One gentleman mentioned fishing in Thailand and what an incredible time he'd had. I said, "you must have fished with Jean-Francois Helias if you had such a good time". He replied with an enthusiastic, "YES!" I just wanted to let you know that yet another person has fond memories of fishing with you. I hope to be one of them someday!

Lori Parrish-Rashbrook, Director of Special Events, International Game Fish Association


In my opinion, and the echoed opinions of many other worldwide fellow anglers, Jean-Francois Helias is without a doubt a true legend in the history of sport fishing. He is a great, funny, intelligent, humble and friendly individual. These are qualities not to be found in any legendary angler! The IGFA definitely did the right thing by awarding him their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Enrico Ghedini, Fishing writer, Bologna, Italy


You deserve so much if not all of the credit for making Thailand number one as a fishing destination, and I am proud to know you and your accomplishments. The Thai government should give you an award for promoting fishing tourism in Thailand. Nobody does it better than Francois!

Chris Batin, Editor-in-chief of Alaska Angler Publications and Author, USA


Jean Francois Helias has an unwavering passion and dedication for fishing emanating from every pore in his being. What is more important is his communication with mother nature and it is obvious that he has the soul of a poet, and the heart of lion. If you're fortunate enough to fish with him on his Fishing Adventure Thailand guide service you won't forget it in a hurry. Whether you catch the proverbial fish of a lifetime or not, one thing is for sure, it won't be for the lack of knowledge or tenacity of Jean-Francois.

Roy Turner, Fishing writer, Spain


Well done Jean-Francois! You deserve all the accolades you receive! Thanks so much for putting my name forward to the International Game Fish Association. I have had a lovely letter from president Rob Kramer inviting me over there in October to collect a ‘hall of fame’ award, which is I’m sure, all down to you. So a very big thank you my friend!

John Wilson, England's best known angler and TV personality


Francois has more achievements than I can list here such as the IGFA 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to sport fishing. Francois has literally placed Thailand on the fishing map all by himself. Having fished with Francois several times in the past few years, I can highly recommend his services. He knows the waters of Thailand better than anyone alive and has a great personality to boost! He is a blast to hang around with. Thailand has a wide variety of monster species to choose from and Francois can put together a bespoke package to fulfill your dreams.

Bob Daly, Fishing Globetrotter, Illinois, USA


Jean-Francois Helias, the founder of Fishing Adventures Thailand, is probably the most experienced Siamese Giant Carp expert on the planet.

Tony Davies-Patrick, Author, Film Producer & Worldwide Explorer


Sometimes, the least important thing about fishing , is the fishing. It’s also about the water, the scenery, the friendship, the camaraderie, the caring. You feel great just being there! There are few better ‘being there’ places than Thailand, and when you are actually there, there’s no better people you’d like to be with than good old Jean-Francois and his team. It's as simple as that!

Aznir Malek, Fishing writer, Malaysia


Francois is truly one of my best friends and a VIP in my fishing life! I often wish we could spend more time fishing together.

Jakub Vagner, Renowned extreme angler, host of the TV series Fish Warrior shown on National Geographic Channel


Francois knows so much that I wish he had been one of my past students, but he knows far more than they ever did, plus he would never been able to create what he has done in Thailand here in the USA! I consider him a fountain of knowledge and a valuable colleague. He has become a very important biologist, not by training, but by experience!

Walter R. Courtenay, Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, USA.


FishBase is grateful to Jean-Francois Helias for letting us show his photos. Jean-Francois' photos immediately capture people's attention. Not only because of the size of the fish shown but also because he knows how to capture that precious moment of joy and pride!

Anders M. C. Silfvergrip, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden

What clients say about us

Jean-Francois Helias and his team of guides are members of what Shimano Fishing Australia call the "Top Ten Percenters": The 10% of anglers that catch 90% of fish. Looking at anglers who fish in close proximity to, but not with Jean-Francois' crew, it is easy to see that this saying does not do his team justice. After two hours of fishing I had lost count. Other anglers in the vicinity of Jean-Francois’ party were nowhere close to the numbers of strikes and they had only mediocre result. His passion, experience and expertise, coupled with his friendliness and hospitality, make a return sometime in the future a must.

Brendan Houng Lee, Sydney, Australia


A truly world class guiding operation by any standards, complementing a country which produces world-class angling. Jean Francois Helias and his fishing team are a blessing to all anglers wishing to fish for the many species of freshwater leviathans that are found in Thailand. Representing the best of local knowledge, experience and expertise, Jean Francois Helias and his boys will show you how to fish the way others can only dream about.

Khoo Wee Lee, Singapore


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first timer or a professional angler - Jean-Francois and his team make will ensure you are totally looked after and have a great day you’re guaranteed not to forget! It wasn't easy to convince my family that the photos I sent home were real! Thanks for a fantastic and memorable experience! 

Hans Verheul, Australia


I have fished on 6 of the 7 continents in most of the world’s greatest destinations. Thailand has it all; non-stop rod bending action, exotic locale, friendly people, great food and great weather. Jean-Francois and his staff are consummate professionals and will ensure your visit is a memorable one. If strongly urge you to give this team a try, you won’t be disappointed! 

Daniel E. Pearcy, Tucson, AZ, USA


The trip provided by Fishing Adventures Thailand exceeded all of our expectations. The staff were helpful, knowledgeable, and not only put us ‘on the fish’, but made sure we kept them on! The size, quality, and quantity of the fish was unbelievable. I would recommend this trip to the casual fisherman and the well-travelled angler.

Tara & Bobby Drury, USA


I have fished with Jean-Francois Helias for over 10 years now in several countries, and for several species. I can tell you as an adventurer and fisherman around the globe, he is in a class of his own. He is by far the best teacher, angler, friend, and person I have met on guided tours. I will be fishing many more times with this living “Picasso” of fishing. Thank you for all the great memories fish! 

Richard Hart, Orlando, Florida, USA


I have had the great privilege to fish with Jean-Francois Helias on several occasions. Some of which were on very remote waters never before fished by Westerners. Besides Francois' adept skills as an angler, I was most impressed with his uncanny ability to transcend culture and befriend the locals. This proved to be valuable resource for good local information that put us onto fish. This talent alone puts Francois in another class of angling guides. I never tire of his passion for fishing.

Mike Channing, USA


Francois makes a personal commitment to ensure that each guest has an excellent experience, on and off the water.

This applies to veteran and young anglers like myself. Francois and his Fishing Adventures Thailand crew do their very best to accommodate the individual interests of each angler. I am sure any angler will find fishing with Francois a truly unique experience.

Klayton Stivers, Australia


Thank you very much for guiding me to four IGFA world records for the Giant Snakehead! My dad and I had a fantastic time and hope to return soon for another great adventure with the Grand Master Angler of Asian fishing! 

Martini Arostegui - over 100 IGFA World Records holder - Florida, USA


Jean-Francois Helias is undoubtedly the best fishing guide in all of SE Asia. I could not recommend him and his team highly enough. You will not be disappointed!

Gerry Tan, Australia


Just make sure you come prepared to test angling endurance because tight lines are guaranteed! 

Bill Hickman, USA


I have fished with Jean-Francois both in Thailand and in my home country, Malaysia. It’s rare, indeed, to find such a professional who is proficient in his fishing skills, dependable, and well organised. It is my pleasure to recommend Jean-Francois & and his Fishing Adventures Thailand team to all anglers without reservation.

Mohd.Azmi Ariffin, Malaysia


The personalised service provided throughout my trip was absolutely excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This Fishing Adventures Thailand pro-guide team has without a doubt an unmatchable knowledge of the best fishing methods and the baits to be used.


Francis Chia, Singapore


It wouldn't matter if you are a first timer or a professional angler - Jean-Francois and his team make sure that you are fully looked after and have a great day that you’re guaranteed not to forget!

Hans Verheul, Australia


The Fishing Adventures Thailand package should be on all traveling angler’s hit lists! Trust me, it’s highly recommended!

David Coleman, Fishery Manager, England


We fish with guides and charters all over the Asia Pacific region and still Fishing Adventures Thailand reign supreme with regard to professionalism and commitment. Francois is a credit to all professional anglers and his passion for the sport never diminishes.

Rob Simmons & friends, England


I must congratulate Jean-Francois on his unbelievable drive, energy levels, and passion for fishing that ensures his clients always catch fish. It is no wonder that he and his team of dedicated guides are considered number one when it comes fresh water fishing guiding in Thailand.

T.W, Australia


Two words. Absolutely brilliant! Best Lads Day Out you'll find anywhere. It's not the first time we've thrown in a line with Francois as we're semi-regulars at Fishing Adventures Thailand with each time being better than the last. First-class facilities, friendly professional guides and big fish with lots of fight.

John Scott, Singapore


After operating a fishing charter business for over ten years, I certainly appreciated the professionalism and expertise shown by your crew. Be sure I will be spreading the good word about Fishing Adventures Thailand.

Danny Ross, Southport Fishing & Dive Centre, Southport, Australia


I lost count of the number of fish I landed but my biceps are still aching two days later! Great fun and very professionally done.

Captain William "Bill" Kelley, U.S. Navy (Ret)


Fishing Adventures Thailand fishing trips are characterised by caring for the individual visitor, education in the species available and of course great fishing opportunities. Above all they practice diligent fishing conservation to ensure everyone great experiences in the future.

Tony Mulqueen, Ireland


My expectations were not just fulfilled, they were far exceeded. In total I caught 14 different species of fish of which 9 were new species for me. My itinerary was tailor made by you and everything went like clockwork from flights and airport pick-ups to hotel check-ins and transfers to and from the fishing venues. I am not going to be able to stay away for long!

Simon Huggins, UK


Before coming to you, no one in our group had ever caught a 50 pound fish. By the end of the first day, all five of us had at least 15 under our belt. We were truly spoiled with our success. Truly amazing!

Scott Perkins, WA, USA

If you want to experience the real Thailand and fish for some of the biggest and hardest fighting fish on the planet with a guy that will keep you enthralled at his antics and bewitched by his stories, then this is the outfit for you.

Trevor Bennett, Canada


The guides were all very professional, the costs were all-inclusive as advertised, and Jean-Francois was a congenial host before and after fishing. I caught two trophy-sized fish and greatly enjoyed my time with numerous other catches as well.

Kyle Burgess, Texas, USA


What immediately comes to my mind is the passion, dedication, detailing and the courteousness displayed by Jean-Francois and his outfit. The fishing that I enjoyed will go down as one of my most memorable fishing moments. The action was non-stop with the ratchet running most of the time.

J. P Janakan, Chennai, India


The package you provide is great value for money and I believe the fishing you offer is probably the best of its type in the world.

Jonathan Pang, UK Tackle Dealer


The memories of our catches are still fresh and vivid. We hope to meet you again and experience more fishing together.

Alexander and Tatjana Keiviss, Latvia


Fishing with Fishing Adventures Thailand was most definitely the highlight of our trip to Thailand!!! Jean-François and his team really know their stuff and will give you all the attention you need. A day fishing with them is a day that is filled with laughs, good food, amazing company and very stiff muscles from all the fish you WILL catch!

Tiphaine and Tyrone, South Africa


Jean-Francois Helias is one of the great fishermen of all time. His enthusiasm is exceeded only by his knowledge and skill. If you want a memorable fishing adventure in Asia, Jean-Francois is your man. He is the unequivocal master of snakehead fishing, which every serious angler should experience at least once.

Dr. Larry Dalton, Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington, USA


The experience of fishing with such seasoned professional staff will have me returning and recommending them to all of my fishing friends.

Tad Ling, Honolulu, Hawaii

I could not have imagined that my very first Thai fishing experience would bring lasting memories that I will cherish the rest of my life!


Pavel Osvetimsky, Moscow, Russian Confederation


A real combination of angling professionalism, deep knowledge of the behavior of the fish, fun and science, all located in the amazing atmosphere that is Thailand. The fighting strength of the Thai fish species is difficult to believe for most freshwater anglers. Come, fish with Jean Francois and you can experience the thrills for yourself.

Zoltan S. Orsos, Hungary


I’ve been fishing all over Thailand with Francois for more than 10 years now, enjoying his expert guiding and amazing local knowledge of those hidden places for great catches. You’re always guaranteed a warm welcome, together with a memorable experience of local culture, street food and of course great fishing. 


Alan Wheeler, England 

A day we will never forget and hope to relive again on our next trip to Thailand!


Belinda Schubert, Australia


The fishing is absolutely incredible, and the service and hospitality, beyond compare.

Dale Rothstein, Chicago, USA


Fishing Adventures Thailand offers the visiting angler everything they could wish for. Exotic locations, hard fighting fish and extensive local knowledge are all provided in abundance by Jean-Francois Helias and his team. A true angler and a gentleman, Jean-Francois will create a fishing experience for you to last a lifetime.

Peter Massey, UK

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